Teaser Trailer Released for ‘Laya’s Horizon’, a New Title from ‘Alto’s Adventure/Odyssey’ Developer Snowman – TouchArcade

The good folks at Snowman who brought us the likes of Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey are now teasing a brand new title in partnership with Netflix. The new game is called Laya’s Horizon and, based off today’s newly-released teaser trailer, it looks to be quite the stylish and beautiful game. That kind of goes without saying for anything Snowman has a hand in though, right? The Alto games, Where Cards Fall, Skate City, Lucky Luna… these are all very attractive games. But what exactly is it that you do in Laya’s Horizon? You are more than welcome to take a guess based off of the aforementioned gorgeous teaser trailer.

The easy money is that this is a wingsuit game, and it’s kind of giving me a Sky: Children of the Light vibe. You can see various types of obstacles as the camera moves through the environment, some of them almost looking like they’re taken straight out of an Alto game. So perhaps we’ll be wingsuiting down and grinding lines, hitting tricks, or collecting items along the way. Also noted in the trailer is that this will be a Netflix game, and this won’t be the first collaboration between Netflix and Snowman as the two released (the excellent) Lucky Luna in September of last year. Whatever Laya’s Horizon does end up being I’m sure it’ll be well worth checking out based on Snowman’s track record, so hopefully we’ll get some more details soon.

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