“Cake Maker” (Tablet) Walkthrough (Bubadu)) (Part 3 of 3) (Read Description)

Welcome to the third and last part of “Cake Maker” (Tablet) Walkthrough for “Bubadu”, in this video is adding the decorations for “Star Cake” icing for “Star Cake” for layers for “Cake”, near the end of the previous video), after the “Star Cake” is the last cake “Hexagon”, I hope you enjoy the last and final video walkthrough for this game, don’t forget to Like, Share, Subscribe, ring bell. More video game walkthroughs on the way and to come.

In this video:
0:01 Adding decorations for “Star Cake”
3:24 Fireworks and Slider Puzzle (if you have trouble with “Slider Puzzle”, tap X Button on screen to exit (Skip to 5:22 for end of “Slider Puzzle”).
5:46 Hexagon Cake (With icing, decorations and everything).
7:28 Fireworks and Slider Puzzle.
8:35 Back to Main Menu and End of Game (End of video afterwards).

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