Episode 819: Just Think “Real Fascists Now,” It’s an Email Address – Radio Free Nintendo

This is the non-AI Jon Lindemann, by the way.

As Guillaume-watch enters its third week, and Jon begins a new iron-man streak, James just tries to warm up the show with a fun little chat about a dictator and his money and instead creates the longest stinger in show history.

Probably. Don’t fact check that.

Anyway, this week we got a lot of Nintendo news, some good New Business, and a lot of content that is of questionable purpose.

James [eventually] kicks-off New Business with a review of the Fell Xenologue DLC for Fire Emblem Engage. Did you want more Fire Emblem Engage? Congrats, here’s more Fire Emblem Engage. It also has difficulty settings that don’t make any sense, so have fun with that.

Jon is going through his eShop haul, and this week he’s digging into the Boxboy! bounty he bought. Specifically, he’s playing Boxboy but bought buccos of Boxboy buy-ables. Jon also decided to return to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, because 600 hours of Monster Hunter Rise was simply not enough.

Greg is also going though a game that is now beyond the Eternity’s Gate: New Super Mario Bros. 2. It’s still “all about the gold,” but that phrase has new meaning in an era where The Super Mario Bros. Movie has made the GDP of Vanuatu in a three week window. This leads to a long-running conversation about the larger business around Mario and Nintendo as a global entity.

Lastly, we conclude the show with a rapid-fire rundown of the Indie World contents.

After our outro music, stay tuned for an extended (and depressing) look at sports ownership.

We committed to three emails next week, do you want your garbage to be our garbage? Dump it here.

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