Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Will Explore Rufus With ‘New Episodes That Do Not Exist In The Original’

The creative director on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has revealed that the upcoming RPG will dive deeper into the character of Rufus with additional episodes that were not present in the original PSOne version of Final Fantasy VII, much how FFVII Remake further explored AVALANCHE.

Speaking with Inverse, Tetsuya Nomura revealed that players will be able to discover a lot more about Rufus, who takes over from his father as the head of Shinra and is something of a perennial thorn in the side of Cloud and his companions.

We won’t be making immense departures from the original. With Remake, we went further in-depth into Avalanche in ways that were not done in the original. This will be done for Rufus as well. He will have some sort of new episodes that do not exist in the original, where we will get to know more about him and dig deeper.

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Nomura-san also revealed during a separate interview that the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy will eventually link up with Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, which is the CG movie released back in 2005 set a few years after the main game. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is scheduled for release on February 29, 2024.

[Source – Inverse]

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