Square Enix’s crypto-loving president likely to be ousted in favor of a different, still crypto-loving president

First reported by VGC (opens in new tab), Square Enix announced (opens in new tab) that it plans on ousting company president Yosuke Matsuda. Following shareholder approval, Matsuda will be replaced with Takashi Kiryu, who came to the company from managing the Dentsu Innovation Initiative (opens in new tab) in 2020.

Matsuda’s run since taking over for Yoichi Wada in 2013 has been, what else, a mixed bag. His tenure saw an increased number of PC ports, some simultaneously launching with their console counterparts, but that timeliness is hardly a given⁠—Final Fantasy 7 Remake took over a year to come to PC, while Final Fantasy 16 will likely take more than six months (opens in new tab)

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