VR still makes 40-70% of players want to throw up, and that’s a huge problem for the companies behind it

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This article first appeared in PC Gamer magazine issue 386 in July 2023, as part of our Tech Tales series. Every month we talk about the ups and downs of PC hardware, with a look back on our own history with the hobby. 

Let me tell you why Apple’s £3,500 VR headset announcement made my heart sink. I know this is a PC site, but when an industry player that big tries to make VR a part of everyday life it affects everyone. PC gaming doesn’t exist in a bubble.

It’s not because the idea of seeing my iPhone menu buttons everywhere I look, all day, forever, is so nightmarish, or because £3,500 for a toy was presented like a perfectly rational purchasing decision. Me and VR, we’ve just never hit it off.

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