In the Kitchen with Xbox: Recipes Inspired by PC Game Pass

You can think of PC Game Pass as a menu for games – you browse, weigh up the options, and then pick something to delight your senses. With around 80% of people consuming food or drink while playing video games[1], we were inspired to combine our own love of food with our passion for games.

With this in mind, we donned our aprons, rocked a pair of Minecraft x Crocs and teamed up with chefs from across the world including LETSMUNCH (UK), Gastronogeek (FR) La Cocina Del Pirata (ES) and more to curate a series of recipes inspired by a selection of games available via PC Game Pass. What resulted was a series of unique dishes inspired by Minecraft Legends, a Smörgåstårta inspired by the Well of Fate, a speedy salad that’s faster to make than a lap around one of Forza Horizon 5’s Mexican courses, and much more.

We’ll stop rambling or else the food will get cold – let’s get to the recipes, all of which are available for you to download and try at home. We’d love to hear from you, so if you try any of the recipes below or come up with your own recipes inspired by games within Game Pass, please share them with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #GamePassRecipes

Swedish creator Calle Soto has crafted something pretty special here. Inspired by Minecraft Legends’ Well of Fate and other in-game items such as the fish and golden apple, they’ve come up with a cubic Smörgåstårta. It tastes almost as good as it looks… and might even act as a distraction for any players in PvP, leaving their fort open to an attack.

In the Kitchen with Xbox: Recipes Inspired by PC Game Pass

Inspired by Redfall, the latest game from Arkane Austin, LETSMUNCH decided to bite back against the vampires the way he knows best: in the kitchen. Transforming a traditional British staple, the Cottage Pie, – but adding beetroot to impart his Polish dual heritage on the dish and giving a red colour and a twist – this comes with enough garlic to subdue even the most powerful Vampire Gods. We think this dish looks bloody delicious – although those of the vampire variety might not agree.

Game Pass Recipe - Redfall Cottage Pie

Defending the Overworld from Piglins is no easy feat. Thankfully, renowned French Chef Gastronogeek and his awesome team of Allays have created two separate mocktails to sustain those leading the charge while venturing into heroic battles from Mojang’s new action strategy game. C’est délicieux.

Game Pass Recipe - Le Overworld Delight and Le Nethertail

Inspired by Forza Horizon 5’s Mexican landscapes, Let’s Cook mit Julian has prepared the perfect speedy salad for those immersed in the pristine beaches, living deserts and lush jungles of Playground Games’ breathtaking biomes.

Game Pass Recipe - Quickest Salad in the World

Avoiding becoming part of the Vampire God’s food chain and surviving the Vampire apocalypse requires creative solutions. While some may choose to tackle the vampire legion and their brood of maniacal followers head on, others may look at creating a dish to temporarily satisfy the fearsome creatures; and that’s exactly what La Cocina Del Pirata has put together with their Pulled Pork Burger.

Game Pass Recipe - Redfall Pulled Pork Burger

It only makes sense for a dish inspired by Forza Horizon 5 to make a quick impression, so here it is: Forza-toast by Calle Soto – a Langoustine and Camembert grilled cheese with truffle bechamel and crispy Parma ham.

Featuring truffles and mustard inspired by Modena, the home of Ferrari, this is the perfect fuel for those embarking across the open world landscapes of Mexico on their ultimate Horizon adventure.

Game Pass Recipe - Forza Grilled Cheese

Whether you’re at the front gate of the Hulaoguan Pass or manoeuvring through Luoyang, the capital of the Han Empire, take a break with a basket of Imperial Dumplings. This dish, inspired by the Three Kingdoms setting of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and made by jasmineandtea, will fuel you up for the next boss fight.

Game Pass Recipe - Imperial Dumplings

As if ripped from the game’s own Lobster Pound restaurant, Gastronogeek also brings us his take on clam chowder, a well-known dish from Redfall’s home state of Massachusetts. Made from clam and seafood stock, those lucky enough to tuck into this sinister soup will be met with a “bloody” coulis, hidden away in the chowder.

Game Pass Recipe - Le Bloody Clam Chowder

No ultimate Horizon adventure began with an empty stomach. From Jaja w Kuchni comes the ‘Tacos Ruskie’, a vibrant take on tacos with a Polish twist, well suited to those rallying around the open-world landscapes of Mexico.

Game Pass Recipe - Tacos Ruskie

Whether you’ve got a taste for any of the featured dishes or have been inspired to create something from the world of a different–flavoured title, be sure to check out these games and more on PC Game Pass today.

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