Embers Adrift: A Classic MMORPG – Official Game Trailer

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Developed by a small, but passionate team of game devs – Stormhaven Studios brings you a new MMORPG experience made by gamers, for gamers. Support our launch now by ordering today!

Embers Adrift is a PvE MMORPG focused on group-based gameplay and challenging content. There is no minimap and there are no quest hubs. You’ll need to discover this new world and it’s secrets for yourself.

Developed alongside our community of core MMORPG players, Stormhaven Studios is focusing on design principles inspired by our experiences in early MMORPGs and Tabletop gaming. Embers Adrift invites you to rediscover MMORPGs with us. Support our independent game studio as we launch a new MMORPG adventure.

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