I found a Skyrim mod that adds skooma hallucinations, now I’m a drug addict with an imaginary goat

I was somewhere around Whiterun on the edge of Fort Greymoor when the skooma began to take hold. Things became washed-out and smeary, and then there was two of everything including me and my pet elytra—an odd kind of mantis-looking bug who I realized, seeing two of the bizarre insect beside me, probably wasn’t the best companion to bring on a 10-skooma bender.

Skooma is a narcotic substance made of refined moon sugar that’s banned in some parts of Tamriel due to its addictiveness, though considered a sacred sacrament by the khajiit. In Morrowind and Oblivion it fortified your speed and strength while draining your intelligence and agility, while in Skyrim it simply restores stamina. Its addictiveness and hallucinatory qualities have never really been modeled by any of the Elder Scrolls games—until now.

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