Episode 828: The Big Cheesing Honor System – Radio Free Nintendo

Tuesday was a big news day around these part. First, Nintendo announced their direct, scheduled for Wednesday, and then they dropped a new – alarming – trailer for Everybody 1-2 Switch. The horse got a name, a cult following, and just some generally alarming imagery.

We, of course, indulged.

After we broke away from our new Horse God, we went through all the items in Wednesday’s Direct, assisted by actual preparation by James.

Farm Games: 3
“Cozy”: 3
Memories: Elephant Mario

That’s right, Super Mario RPG remake is cool, Star Ocean The Second Story R is neat, but Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a nightmare of unfathomable proportions.

We’re entranced.

Also: Wario Train

We are in dire need of questions. Please, I’m asking, send them.

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