Hello Neighbor 2 FULL GAME Walkthrough (No Commentary) 4K60

HELLO NEIGHBOR 2 (PS5) – FULL GAME Walkthrough Playthrough with No Commentary 2022 4K 60FPS. All ways to escape, Act 1, Act 2, Act 3 Full Game. Recorded on PC with all graphics settings maxed RTX 3090

Hello Neighbor 2 is the sequel to the popular stealth horror game about sneaking into your creepy neighbor’s house. You play as a local journalist investigating missing persons reports when you follow a series of clues leading you back to the abandoned house of The Neighbor. Only problem is, it’s occupied by a mysterious crow-like being. The only logical thing to do is break in. Welcome back to Raven Brooks.

Hello Neighbor 2 is a stealth horror game about digging up your creepy neighbor’s secrets. But there’s a twist: the Neighbor is controlled by an AI that learns from the players! As time passes, his behavior will change and surprise you! Can you outsmart the Neighbor and find out what he’s hiding?

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