Asus’s new motherboard hides ports on the back for cable management

Cable management is one of the banes of the PC building world. Anyone who has assembled their own machine has battled against the slew of mandatory cables to get their machine running. First, there’s making sure everything can actually be plugged in, which isn’t always easy depending on your setup. Then, there’s hiding any evidence (opens in new tab) that this was ever done. 

Often this involves cramming all those loose bits of cable into a hidden pocket at the back of the case, but PC part makers don’t exactly make this task an easy one, with all those ports on the front of the motherboard. It’s enough to make many give up on cable management (opens in new tab) altogether. This might be set to change, with a new motherboard from Asus smartly sporting its connectors on the back. And gosh darn it all. it’s so simple it just might work.

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