#80 Baldur's Gate II “100 Video Game Reviews in 100 Days”

Welcome back to our pwnRank countdown of the top 100 games in 100 days! Glad you could join us on our fifth week of review madness!
Crawling into spot #80…
Baldurs Gate II
Every time I hear someone talk about how video games can’t tell immersive stories, develop meaningful characters, and all that nonsense, I want to hit them in their word-hole with Baldurs Gate II: Shadows of Amn. You hear that sort of crap a lot less these days, but it’s still a criticism that get’s (unfairly) leveled at video games all the time. What someone is really saying when they start down that path of conversation is that they never played what is, by any reckoning, Bioware’s stone-cold masterpiece from September of 2000, Baldurs Gate 2.

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