New Unreal Engine 5 Based Third-Person Psychological Horror Game Stray Souls For PS5 And PS4 Announced From Jukai Studio

Stray Souls is a new third-person psychological horror title from developer Jukai Studio and publisher Versus Evil. Starring Daniel, a young teenager who inherits his grandmothers old home when she passes.

At first, the house feels like a fortune fallen in his lap. No rent, no mortgage, just a place he could make his own, in his name. That quickly turns however when he meets Martha, who introduces him to who his grandmother really was.

Discovering the mystery of the society Daniel’s grandmother belonged to and surviving the horrors of the game’s setting, Aspen Falls surely looks to be a creepy endeavor by the look of the trailer.

It also gives off huge Resident Evil 4 vibes, in the combat shown and even in the overall look of the game. Though the enemies you’re facing seem to be their own flavour of supernatural being.

The game is also being developed using Unreal Engine 5, and though it’ll also be releasing on previous generation consoles, it promises to have a “next-gen horror” feel to it.

How that is implemented will be interesting to see. As far as a release date goes, all we know now is that it’ll be available this fall. You can check out the reveal trailer for yourself, here.

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