Lawson convenience stores offering Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Tri-force speaker and more through a lottery

As we’ve shared recent, Lawson convenience stores are running all sorts of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom promotions, including special snacks, merch and more. Turns out there’s even more goodies up for grabs than first thought.

One extra-special piece of merchandise is the above Triforce-shaped speaker. The thing is, fans won’t be able to walk into Lawson locations and purchase this. The only way to possibly get one of these is to spend over 800 Yen on Zelda snacks/merch at Lawson locations, and then enter into a lottery program on the Lawson app.

Along with that, customers who purchase multiple Tears of the Kingdom food items at Lawson locations will have the chance to win a prize. These prizes include an A4 clear file (with six variations) or a multipurpose cloth (with 3 variations). You can get a look at those items and everything else being offered here.

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