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If you’re looking for a guide to get your head around FNAF’s Freddy, we don’t blame you. Considering there are so many games in the series and multiple theories and ideas floating around the internet, it can be hard to get to grips with who the character is and why they’re always out to get you. So, we’ve put together this Five Nights at Freddy’s Freddy character guide to properly introduce you to the frightening fan-favourite.

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Who is FNAF’s Freddy?

Freddy Fazbear is part of the original line-up of animatronics from the debut Five Nights at Freddy’s game. Created to lead the animatronic band at his titular pizza parlour, the Freddy you encounter is very different. Essentially, Freddy’s animatronic suit holds the spirit of one of the children killed by William Afton, the founder of the restaurant chain, turning him and his fellow bandmates into terrifying killers.

A classic Freddy jumpscare from Five Nights at Freddy's for FNAF Freddy guide

So, in a sense, Freddy is both the antagonist and victim of the series. Still, for the most part, you spend your time trying to stay clear of the animatronic, as there’s little time for sympathy when he’s ripping you apart. To make things even more complicated, there are multiple incarnations and versions of Freddy. To be clear, here we’re talking about the original and the one you meet in the original horror title. For the other Freddies, keep scrolling.

Who is the spirit possessing FNAF Freddy?

The spirit possessing Freddy is that of Gabriel, one of the five children killed by William Afton. If you don’t know this particularly tragic part of the FNAF lore, the murder of Gabriel is one of the inciting incidents in the game world, providing the animatronic Freddy with a soul that seeks vengeance.

You can free the spirit of Gabriel in FNAF 3, providing you finish all the minigames to get the good ending. You don’t see Gabriel’s spirit freed, but you do see a different screen to the original bad ending, with the light from Freddy’s eyes all but gone. It’s still a solemn tale from start to finish, but at least this way you can finally bring the five children some peace.

What are the different FNAF Freddy versions?

Custom image of Golden Freddy in a Five Nights location for FNAF Freddy guide

Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy, also known as Yellow Bear, is one of the more mysterious characters in the whole series. In terms of physical appearance, Golden Freddy appears mostly as a tattered wreck of an animatronic, looking more like Withered Freddy than anything else. There is a change in the FNAF: Special Delivery, though, where you can meet Golden Freddy looking fresh and glowing under the lights, though he will do all he can to take you out.

Golden Freddy’s place in the lore is up for debate among the FNAF community, though many believe there are still hints and secrets to uncover about the shiny nightmare. One of the most common theories is that Golden Freddy is a ghost, or an apparition, unlike the other animatronics. This idea is due to his appearance and activity in the original FNAF, where Golden Freddy can appear in the control room without forewarning. However, future appearances have slightly discredited this theory.

Custom image of Toy Freddy in a Five Nights location for FNAF Freddy guide

Toy Freddy

Starring as the main antagonist and Freddy from FNAF 2, Toy Freddy doesn’t look as scary as the others but knows how to frighten when he needs to. Unlike many other Freddies, we don’t know if a spirit possesses Toy Freddy. Toy Freddy is as evil as the rest, but lacks some of the star power, with Withered Freddy being the real threat of the second series entry.

Custom image of Withered Freddy in a Five Nights location for FNAF Freddy guide

Withered Freddy

The real terror of FNAF 2 isn’t the toys, though, they are mighty spooky. It’s the withered animatronics that you want to watch out for. Withered Freddy is the real evil here, lurking in the shadows trying to jumpscare you. Still, in terms of appearance, Withered Freddy is the least rundown of the withered group, with only a few wires sticking out of his brown fabric. It’s worth noting that technically Withered Freddy and the original Freddy are the same beings, though Withered is much more time-worn than the Freddy from the original FNAF.

Custom image of Fredbear in a Five Nights location for FNAF Freddy guide


While you might think that Freddy is the original, he isn’t. Fredbear is the original animatronic, created not by William Afton, but by his former business partner Henry Emily. Alongside Spring Bonnie, Fredbear was the first animatronic to arrive in a Freddy’s venue in the early eighties. Unfortunately, Fredbear would mark the first tragedy in the series, with the animatronic mistakenly chomping on a child’s head. Shortly after, Fredbear would face condemnation with the venue closing.

There is a theory among fans that Fredbear and Golden Freddy are the same beings, but there are some hints and appearances that point away from that. The biggest clue we have for these two Freddies not being the same thing is that posters for Fredbear’s Family Diner show both Fredbear and Golden Freddy at the same time, debunking the idea they are the same.

Custom image of Phantom Freddy in a Five Nights location for FNAF Freddy guide

Phantom Freddy

Phantom Freddy is the Freddy incarnation from the third game, FNAF 3. Out of all the possible Freddies, this one is the scariest and least forthcoming. Missing a leg, and with various other parts of his body missing, Phantom Freddy lives up to the billing at Fazbear’s Fright: The Horror Attraction. As Phantom Freddy is an illusion, he’s one of the few Freddies we know isn’t possessed by a child.

Custom image of Nightmare Freddy in a Five Nights location for FNAF Freddy guide

Nightmare Freddy

While we don’t know much about Nightmare Freddy, we at least understand why he has the name he does. This version of Freddy is the most terrifying, making Withered Freddy look brand new with its dishevelled appearance and razor-sharp teeth. It’s also one of the only Freddies to appear outside of a Freddy-based venue, with this particular bad bear appearing in a child’s room in FNAF 4.

Custom image of Shadow Freddy standing in a dark room for FNAF Freddy guide

Shadow Freddy

Shadow Freddy is one of the more complicated Freddies from the franchise. For this Freddy, much of the story is in the mini-games of FNAF 3, showing how William Afton used the animatronic to lure the original Freddy and the gang to their demise. Due to the purple colour of Shadow Freddy and his role in Afton’s crimes, many believe Shadow Freddy could be a manifestation of the owner’s evil. Others think that Shadow Freddy and Phantom Freddy might be the same thing, though with the mysterious nature of both, it’s still up for debate.

Custom image of Glam Rock Freddy in a Five Nights location for FNAF Freddy guide

Glamrock Freddy

Finally, an honest to god good Freddy! Unlike other series Freddies, Glamrock is kind and helpful, playing a pivotal role in helping you escape the not-so-nice animatronics of FNAF: Security Breach. You spend a solid part of your playthrough in Glamrock Freddy’s oversized belly hatch, with the malfunctioning robot your only way of hiding from the killer robots lurking all over the mall. If you want to meet a kind Freddy rather than a nightmarish abomination, start with FNAF: Security Breach and Glamrock Freddy.

Custom image of Funtime Freddy in a Five Nights location for FNAF Freddy guide

Funtime Freddy

Funtime Freddy is where the lore starts to get really confusing. Created by William Afton to kill children at his new location, Circus Baby’s Pizza World, Funtime Freddy never sees the light of day due to another animatronic, Circus Baby, killing Afton’s daughter before the opening day. Funtime Freddy’s story then picks up years later, with Michael Afton, William’s son, sent to the location to repair the robots.

During FNAF: Sister Location, Funtime Freddy is one of the many animatronics Michael has to avoid while trying to save his sister’s soul from Circus Baby. During the game, Freddy first becomes part of Ennard before the ejection of Circus Baby from the body, and Funtime Freddy takes over the amalgamation, transforming into Molten Freddy.

Custom image of Molten Freddy in a Five Nights location for FNAF Freddy guide

Molten Freddy

Molten Freddy is the result of Circus Baby’s removal from Ennard and one of the main animatronics in FNAF 6 (or Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator). This version of Freddy looks the least like the rest, with only the head and top hat resembling Freddies from games gone by. Much of Molten Freddy is wires, resembling its previous form of Ennard. In Pizzeria Simulator, Molten Freddy hides in the vents throughout. The completion ending implies his demise on the final night of the game as Henry Emily burns down the last remaining remnants of the Fazbear Entertainment empire.

What is FNAF Freddy’s personality?

As a children’s entertainer, in the daytime, Freddy is friendly and approachable, coming across as the leader of the gang of animatronics. Essentially, he’s the Mickey equivalent, and everyone else occupies the more minor roles. After all, it is his name on the door.

For the most part, FNAF’s Freddy is a remorseless killer, happy to take the life of anyone who stays in his establishment after dark. It’s not all his fault, though, as the spirit of Gabriel inside of Freddy can’t tell adults apart, so he’s simply trying to take revenge for his death at the hands of William Afton.

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It’s worth noting that while as vicious as the other animatronics, Freddy does seem to have some redeeming qualities. In the mini-games throughout the series, Freddy has been seen to be protective of children. Much of the community assumes this is due to the spirit of Gabriel inside Freddy not wanting any more kids to fall victim to the horrors of William Afton.

There you have it, all there is to know about FNAF’s Freddy. For more scares, check out our picks for the best Roblox horror games. Or if you’re a fan of teddies, check out our list of the best bear games on Switch and mobile.

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