SteamOS 3.5 is almost here, includes a fix for the Steam Deck’s sneakiest performance bug

When a new Windows Update arrives, we tend to groan. Really, right now, Windows? What’s this one going to break? Do I really need it? “Remind me later.” A new version of the Linux kernel, on the other hand, always seems like a mini event in the open source community, promising exciting new features and performance improvements for the many, many devices that run Linux. The kernel is the foundational building block of Linux that the many distros like Ubuntu and Arch (which Valve’s SteamOS is based on) turn into fully fledged operating systems.

We recognize that without the options and everything that’s powerful about PC gaming, the Steam Deck is nothing

Pierre-Loup Griffais

The Steam Deck will soon get to share in that “new kernel day” excitement, as Valve’s next big update, SteamOS 3.5, will be the first to upgrade the Linux kernel since launch. That means a bevy of good things for Steam Deck owners, though most of them you likely won’t even notice.

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