This free-to-play RPG is a gory road-trip through one of indie gaming’s darkest worlds

I wouldn’t ever want to live in The City—the dystopian megalopolis at the heart of Korean indie studio Project Moon’s games, comics and theme cafe—but it’s a fascinating place to take a road-trip through. That’s exactly what I’ve been getting out of Limbus Company, the studio’s third game and their first to not be Steam-exclusive. This ambitious RPG is also on mobile. And free-to-play. And supported by gacha mechanics. And yes, I was as worried about that as you are.

After sinking around thirty hours into Limbus Company (and not feeling the need to spend any money on it either), I am very relieved to report that this is a perfectly valid successor to Lobotomy Corporation and Library Of Ruina. It’s dark, gory and heavy on the dialogue and drama. It’s also tough, complex and rewarding for players willing to sit down and untangle its often-confusing web of combat mechanics. It’s about as hardcore as mobile RPGs get, and far closer to its PC-only predecessors than its new peers.

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For complete newcomers to the world of Project Moon, Limbus Company is equal parts visual novel and turn-based RPG combat, a sequel to two other games, but mechanically and narratively all its own. In Limbus Company, a clock-headed amnesiac named Dante (you) leads a pack of twelve immortal ‘Sinners’ (a mismatched medley of eccentrics, each loosely based on a piece of classical literature or its author) on a quest to recover a series of techno-magical macguffins from abandoned corporate ‘dungeons’ beneath a dystopian cyberpunk mega-city. You also operate out of a carnivorous bus named Mephistopheles that must regularly be fed live human flesh. So, a normal corporate gig, then.

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