Guardian Tales patch 24 detailed

1. New Hero and Exclusive Weapon

  • SSR Hero : Future Knight
  • ★5 Exclusive Weapon : Cosmic Destroyer

2. Contents

  • The new story, World 11 ‘Unrecorded World, Part 2’ will open.

The Stages related to ‘Unrecorded World, Part 2’ will be added.

※ 4 Main stages will open first.

※ The following stages will open on Mar. 21(Tue).

  • You can enter Unrecorded World after clearing World 10, ‘Unrecorded World, Part 1’.
  • The Maximum Level for Heroes and Equipment will increase from 69 to 72.
  • The Hero’s maximum level will increase to 72 after clearing World 10 ‘Unrecorded World, Part 1’.
  • Hero and Equipment levels can be increased up to 77 through Limit Break.
  • Beginner missions related to World 11 will be added.


  • The Guild Arcade will open.

-Bouncing Bunny Herding

-Bittersweet Candy Collecting

-Special Mission! Stop the Gargoyles

  • Heavenhold Tower will open (Up to floor 60).
  • Mirror Rift will open (Up to floor 80).
  • Rift will open (Up to floor 80).


  • I Don’t Do Regrets.
  • Sports Club
  • Please Accept My Chocolate!


  • Cosmic Destroyer
  • Pendant of Promise Card
  • Brave Running Girl’s Card
  • Lively Twin’s Glove Card
  • Queen Knight
  • Loraine’s Head Shield
  • Bamboo Spear Staff
  • Comic Boxing Gloves
  • Upgraded Apprentices’ Shield
  • Assassin’s Staff
  • Lightning Sabre
  • Mayreel Rifle

Exploration Forge

  • The new content, ‘Exploration Forge’ will open.
  • Following the opening of Exploration Forge, related Beginner and Challenge missions will be added.
  • To open Exploration Forge, your Guardian Level must be 100 or higher.
  • The following Super Costumes can be made at Exploration Forge.

-Autumn Gale Knight

-Dusk Queen Plitvice

-Ruler of Jungle Ranpang


  • Co-op Season 12 and Master Arena Season 6 will progress during the following period. (3 times per day)

03/12 12:00 ~ 03/19 11:59 (PST)

Friendly Match will be added.

  • You will be able to see the ‘Friendly Match’ icon on the left side of the screen upon Arena entry.
  • Through the ‘Friendly Match’ icon, anyone can open a Friendly Match and can enter via the generated Code.
  • Friendly Match is held as a 3:3 battle with the same rules as the Arena.
  • You can change the map by touching [Select Map – Current Name of Map] at the top of the screen in the Friendly Match Room.
  • Random matching is also possible in Friendly Match.

Upon Friendly Match entry, you can create a Public or Private Room by touching [Create Room].

By touching [Public Room Random Matching], you can play Friendly Match with a random user.

3. Shop

  • SSR Hero Growth Package (Future Knight) has been added.

※ The SSR Hero Growth Package will show up once you summon and own the corresponding Hero.

※ The SSR Hero Growth Package can only be purchased for 7 days. It will not show up anymore if unpurchased.
– A regularly sold package with forge materials will be added.

Please check the details and package items within the game after the Mar.14th update.

The Hero/Weapon Costume sale rotation will change.

Purchase Period: Mar.13 after maintenance ~ Mar.27th 16:59 (PST)

  • Chocolate Romance Future Knight
  • Chocolate Passion Idol Eva
  • Chocolate Confession Future Princess
  • Chocolate Cupid Gabriel
  • Future Knight Owner Little Princess
  • Sporting Gabriel
  • Death Angel Arabelle
  • Dark Knight Captain Eva
  • Blade Queen Yuze
  • Golden Knight Rachel
  • Unicorn Angel Eugene
  • Archangel Bari
  • Fallen Angel Gremory
  • Angel Aoba
  • Volleyball Player
  • Ice hockey Fan Catherine

New Equipment Costumes will be added.

Purchase Period: Mar.13 after maintenance ~ Mar.27th 16:59 (PST)

  • Heart Candy Staff
  • Chocolate Box Shield
  • Humongous Rifle
  • Ring of Brilliance

The Super Costume tab will open.

4 Super Costumes that can be purchased with

  • Mystic Thread will be added.
  • Autumn Gale Knight
  • Dusk Queen Plitvice
  • Ruler of Jungle Ranpang
  • Cyberpunk Future Knight

Purple Coin items for World 11 will be added to the Shop.

New products will be added to the Bottle Cap tab.

  • Emperor Two-Handed Sword
  • Frost Bow

4. Event

New Hero and Exclusive Weapon

Period : After Mar.13 Maintenance ~ Mar.27th 16:59 (PST)


  • SSR Hero Future Knight
  • SSR Hero Flower Girl Bari
  • SSR Hero Idol Captain Eva


  • ★5 Cosmic Destroyer
  • ★5 Mayreel
  • ★5 Angel Voice

The new Live Event ‘World 11 Point Exchange’ will begin.

  • Event Period: After Mar.13 Maintenance ~ Mar.27th 16:59 (PST)
  • Challenge Stage Open Period : After Mar.20 Maintenance ~ Mar.27th 16:59 (PST)
  • Reward Obtain Period: Mar.21 16:59 (PST)

5. Others

  • The Hero and Weapon Summons Chance Table will be updated.

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