Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection includes a message on ‘insensitive cultural depictions’

Capcom recently released Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection on Switch, which includes the complete lineage of Mega Man Battle Network mainline games, which originally launched for the GBA between 2001 and 2006. This makes all the games included somewhere around 20 years old, give or take in either direction.

20 years is a long time no matter how you cut it. A lot can change in two decades, and that includes sensibilities and viewpoints. What was once considered acceptable or appropriate in one era can change considerably from one decade to the next, and clearly Capcom feels they’re approach to games has changed since 2001.

Those picking up Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will notice that the game includes a blanket message on ‘insensitive cultural depictions.’ While Capcom doesn’t specifically state the content they feel to be out-of-step with today’s day and age, they clearly feel there are some things in these titles that haven’t stood the test of time culturally. Rather than remove the content completely, Capcom saw fit to include a warning about it for newcomers. This is a similar approach to how Warner Bros. handles the re-release of some of their classic cartoons, as some characters/personality traits would be considered by audiences today.

You can see the entire message Capcom included in Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection below.

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