MLB The Show 23 is Bringing the Heat with Tons of New Updates and Features


  • Get a full breakdown from the MLB The Show team on all the new changes and features in store for this year’s game.
  • Xbox Game Pass members can play four days early with the Xbox Game Pass Early Access Bundle for MLB The Show 23.
  • MLB The Show 23 is available for pre-order today on the Xbox Store and will launch day one with Xbox Game Pass on March 28.

Following up from our previous coverage about the upcoming MLB The Show 23, including a detailed look at the new Storylines: Negro Leagues feature, we’re back with even more info about some of the exciting gameplay improvements and features that will be in store when MLB The Show 23 launches March 28 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and day one with Xbox Game Pass. Let’s dive in!


High fielding attribute matters more now than ever before. The disparity between players in-game with high vs low fielding attributes is more noticeable. Players with a lower Fielding attribute will react slower to contact made off the bat compared to players with a high Fielding attribute.

When it comes to our throwing interfaces, we have a couple to select from depending on your skill and engagement level. Our more approachable interfaces, Buttons and Analog, rely heavily on the Arm Accuracy attribute which has been tuned to be in line with MLB statistics. Or you can elevate your game with the Button Accuracy Meter where you are in complete control of your throws.

If using Button Accuracy throwing interface, consistent with last year’s game, the green portion of the meter (indicates a throw that will be accurate to the fielder), scales based on the Arm Accuracy attribute. However, the functionality of the meter has changed. Universally, the speed of the meter needle is slower than in years past. This is intended, as it will help to facilitate the upcoming changes.

In previous years of The Show, the meter was consistent, meaning the green spot was always in the middle. Repetition with this mechanic led to ease of use for many of you. Now, on difficult Infield plays and long outfield throws, the green portion of the meter will dynamically move. This change increases realism while also adding additional skill to defense.

On force throws to first base, you will experience a yellow portion of the meter. This section indicates the dirt ball region of the meter, leading to balls being thrown in the dirt. The frequency of the play being made is based on the first baseman’s Fielding attribute. Visit custom practice to experience and perfect the changes to fielding and throwing.

Two new quirks have been added/revamped on defense. These two quirks are Break Outlier and Pick Off Artist. A pitcher with Break Outlier loses break at a slower rate than those without the quirk. A pitcher with Pick Off Artist leads to 2x the chance of a successful pick-off.


The pitcher-batter dynamic is better than ever with the revamped competitive gameplay engine. And don’t worry Casual or Simulation fans, we have also tuned and balanced those gameplay styles as well.

One of the major attribute updates to MLB The Show 23 is we have redefined the Clutch attribute. With runners in scoring position, Clutch attribute directly replaces contact. This helps to facilitate more realism. The battle between a batter’s Contact attribute and a pitcher’s Hits per 9 innings (H/9) attribute is directly replaced with batter Clutch and Pitcher Clutch with Runners in scoring position (RISP).

Two new quirks have been added on offense. These are Bad Ball Hitter and Table Setter. A batter with Bad Ball Hitter will excel at hitting pitches outside of the Strike Zone. A batter with Table Setter excels with no runners on base.


We’ve added over 5,000 gameplay animations to MLB The Show 23! We have hundreds of new animations ranging from robbing foul balls, dives, hot shot variety at the corners, and as always animations for urgency and efficiency.

Gameplay Styles

Gameplay styles are meant to create unique experiences for all players out there. Gameplay style tuning for Casual and Simulation are continuously taking place. However, the biggest gameplay style change revolves around Competitive gameplay style.

Competitive gameplay style is the default for all Online Head-to-Head* games and all Diamond Dynasty* modes. Competitive Gameplay Style can also be accessed by visiting the gameplay settings and toggling the Gameplay Style setting under General Difficulty.

The goal of this gameplay style is to increase the consistency of good input for producing good results and bad input for producing bad results, without going too far from baseball strategy and basics. Players will notice more swings and misses, fewer popups and choppers, and the hits put into play are slightly better to make up for fewer being put into play.

Player Clarity, Visual Updates In-game, and Functionality Improvements

Updates to the in-game displays have been made. The largest focus for visual display updates revolved around increasing clarity amongst the player base.

Swing Feedback

Swing feedback is a piece of art that appears in the bottom left corner of the screen after a swing attempt is made. This feedback displays Batter Attributes, Pitch Location, Pitch Type, Swing Timing, and Plate Coverage Indicator Placement. It is meant to help describe the outcome of the hit. Although it is difficult to achieve perfection through this art, strides were made to increase precision and accuracy of the art. Previous versions of MLBTS swing feedback displayed Swing Inputs on the left and displayed the outputs on the right. Now, the swing feedback is a story that can be read from left to right, top to bottom.

In Game D-pad functionality

Left on the Directional Buttons now display live, up to date, Statcast numbers. Right on the Directional Buttons now display important Pitcher/Batter matchups, attempting to present all factors that impact the At-Bat. This includes vital attributes that dynamically swap in and all active quirks. Up on the Directional Buttons remains relatively consistent to previous years of MLB The Show, with slight functionality updates, including the ability to bring in a pitcher that’s being warmed up without needing to navigate back into the bullpen.

Settings Updates

Settings terminology, organization, and descriptions have been updated to better inform players as for what each gameplay setting does. There are now two new settings that allow for increased customization of Pre-Pitch displays while on Offense and Defense. These new settings can be found under Display and aim to allow for increased control over what information is presented on screen prior to a pitch being thrown. These two settings are Pitch Select Displays and Batter Controls Display.

Additional Visual Updates

The runner windows displayed in the top right for a first base runner and top left for a third base runner no longer appear. This camera can now be seen in the top right baserunning diamond during pre-pitch. Logic is tied to which runner is shown in the camera, leading to the most viable runner displaying based on the bases currently occupied. Now that space has been created in the top left corner of the screen, important information can be displayed here such as Road to The Show base gains increase or decrease, moment tracking, and Dynamic Difficulty updates.

Custom Practice Updates

We’ve added some important functionality to Custom Practice. It now has a couple important additions. While Batting, players now can finetune specific pitch locations around the Strike Zone. This tool is very useful for improving your eye and improving at specific problem areas. In previous years, players could solely turn specific pitches Off or On. This functionality has been expanded upon, allowing players to choose the frequency of pitches thrown through a slider mechanism.

Attribute Descriptions

MLB The Show has a lot of attributes and if you’re new to the franchise you might not know what they all mean. Be sure to check out the handbook/strategy guide located in the pause menu in-game. The attribute descriptions can now also be found in the Diamond Dynasty Handbook. These descriptions provide insightful information as for how each attribute functions and interacts with gameplay. The goal here is to ensure all players have the information needed to make the best possible decision when forming a squad or making an important managerial decision in game.

Passive Quirks Changes

We’ve removed passive quirks from MLB The Show 23. Simplifying the quirk system seems to be the best approach here, as there was generally confusion as for what Active Quirks did vs Passive Quirks. Universally, we hope this change leads to more clarity since only the quirks that impact gameplay is displayed.

Updated Options Explorer

The options explorer audio and art has been updated. This is a great area for players to learn the mechanics offered within MLB The Show. The general rule of thumb for gameplay mechanics is that the more control a player has over the mechanic, the less ability the CPU must influence gameplay.

MLB Rule Changes

Changes to Extreme Left and Extreme Right shifts are now implemented into MLB The Show 23. These changes set a good baseline but will need tuning based on real life strategy seen throughout the MLB season.

Online H2H/Co-Op

Improvements to Online Stability are continuously being worked on to provide the best experience possible. For those Co-Op players, Play Now Co-Op now offers the ability to toggle the rotational patterns prior to loading into game. Rather than being locked into rotating roles per inning on defense and rotating per at-bat on offense, teams can now choose additional rotation patterns. (Online features require internet connection).

Xbox Game Pass Members Can Play Four Days Early with the Xbox Game Pass Early Access Bundle

We’re excited to announce the return of the Xbox Game Pass Early Access Bundle, allowing members to join in on the fun and play four days early! In addition to playing early, players will receive two Gold Choice Packs, 10 The Show Packs, one Ballplayer Pack, double daily rewards, and 10K Stubs. If you pre-order the Early Access Bundle for Xbox Game Pass, you will receive an additional Gold Choice Pack.

Note: This bundle is exclusively designed for Xbox Game Pass members to play MLB The Show 23 early. If you’re not an Xbox Game Pass member and you purchase this bundle, you will not be able to play MLB The Show 23. For those fans, we recommend the MLB The Show 23: Digital Deluxe Edition.

We could not be more excited for MLB The Show 23 coming out March 28 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and available day one with Xbox Game Pass! Look forward to new ways to play, a new class of legends and much more! Check and follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for the latest updates about MLB The Show 23. For more detailed information on MLB The Show 23, read here.

MLB® The Show™ 23 Xbox Game Pass Early Access Bundle

Xbox Live

MLB® The Show™ 23 Xbox Game Pass Early Access Bundle




GAME NOT INCLUDED. For Xbox Game Pass subscribers interested in playing MLB The Show 23 during Early Access, this is for you.

Purchasers of the MLB® The Show™ 23 Xbox Game Pass Early Access Bundle will get access to MLB The Show 23 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on March 24th 2023 – four days early – as well as the following additional items:
Four Days Early Access for Xbox Game Pass Users.
2 Gold Choice Pack.
10 Show Packs.
1 Ballplayer Pack.
Double Daily login rewards.
10k Stubs™.

MLB® The Show™ 23 Xbox One

Xbox Live

MLB® The Show™ 23 Xbox One



Pre-order to get the Gold Choice pack.

This edition includes:
• Full game.
• 5K Stubs™.

MLB® The Show™ 23 gets you closer than ever to living your Baseball dreams on the diamond. Shock The Game and Own The Show with your favorite players, your favorite rivalries, and all your favorite MLB moments.

Buy the MLB® The Show™ 23 digital version for Xbox One and when ready, upgrade to the MLB® The Show™ 23 digital version for Xbox Series X|S for an additional cost.

MLB® The Show™ 23 Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Live

MLB® The Show™ 23 Xbox Series X|S




Pre-order to get the Gold Choice pack.

This edition includes:
• Full game for Xbox Series X|S
• Full game for Xbox One
• Five The Show Packs.
• 10K Stubs™.

MLB® The Show™ 23 gets you closer than ever to living your Baseball dreams on the diamond. Shock The Game and Own The Show with your favorite players, your favorite rivalries, and all your favorite MLB moments.

Get the next-generation MLB The Show 23 experience when you play on Xbox Series X|S, including the return of Stadium Creator mode, and face your friends with cross-platform play* or continue your progress on other platforms with cross progression**.

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