Light up your gaming setup with Corsair iCUE Murals

Lighting is an integral part of every PC gamer’s setup. Bad lighting can cause glare, distractions, and disadvantages as you seek to bring home the victory in an online shooter, or immerse yourself in the magical landscapes of an epic open-world RPG. A good lighting setup, on the other hand, can add an impressive new layer of immersion.

Gaming hardware veteran Corsair know this as well as anyone, and for years they’ve been integrating RGB lighting into their accessories to bolster your desktop loadout with tasteful colours. This is all brought together by iCUE Murals, a tool that lets you sync your lighting not only across Corsair devices, but Phillips Hue and Nanoleaf ones too. Using Murals, you set up countless custom profiles—whether you want the on-screen action to bleed out onto your walls, or whether you’re seeking a zen lightscape while you kick back with a cozy building sim.

Light up your gaming setup with Corsair iCUE Murals

(Image credit: Corsair)

Here, we’re going to show you how to get started with Corsair’s iCUE Murals tool.

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