This eerie RPG looks like Baldur’s Gate on Game Boy, and it’s out soon

Felvidek combat in motion, first person sword swing against row of enemies arranged against player

(Image credit: Jozef Pavelka)

Amidst all the commotion of the Steam Next Fest (opens in new tab) and some kind of big wizard game (opens in new tab) coming out this week, an absolutely captivating-looking indie RPG has emerged on Steam: Felvidek (opens in new tab) (sometimes styled Felvidék) is a low-fantasy, turn-based game made with the venerable RPG Maker toolset, and it has an absolutely stunning aesthetic all its own.

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“Like Baldur’s Gate on the Game Boy” is the punchiest elevator pitch I can come up with. Solo developer Jozef Pavelka replicates that classic style of pre-rendered 3D backdrops common to RPGs of the late ’90s, but goes the extra mile by applying this grim, monochrome wash that presents everything in muted greys, greens, and browns. The contrast between the high-fidelity art and the lack of color reminds me of Lucas Pope’s Return of the Obra Dinn (opens in new tab), or, and this may sound high-falutin, the gothic vistas of the original Nosferatu silent film. Pavelka recently put a short video outlining the process of making these environments on Twitter (opens in new tab).

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