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There were some tremendous new games released this week. Grand open-world adventures, or brain-busting puzzlers, or fast-paced action games. Some seriously good stuff! But my problem is that my brain keeps telling my fingers over and over “I want to play the cow game again.” Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. The cow game in question is That’s a Cow from Kebab Games and Crescent Moon, who previously teamed up in 2019 to bring us another quirky game called Marginalia Hero. And boy, is this latest game quirky as well.

That’s a Cow is sort of a platformer, sort of a cave flyer. Your job is to move through more than 100 levels jumping up, over, and through obstacles, avoiding bad guys, and collecting coins. The thing is you don’t actually jump to do any of this; rather you have the ability to temporarily hover by gushing milk out of your udders. I say “udders” plural but really it’s more like you just have one gigantic udder that acts kind of like a jetpack. Just pressing the screen will launch you straight up, but pressing and then dragging your thumb back or forth will change your cow’s trajectory. Have you ever seen people try to use those water jetpack things? That’s totally what this reminds me of.

I know that up to this point, if you haven’t played this game for yourself yet, you’re probably saying to yourself “THIS is the Game of the Week!?” I get that at first glance That’s a Cow doesn’t seem like much. That’s not a knock on its visuals because they’re actually very well done, and the production values in this one are through the roof. It’s just that there are far too many cutesy but ultimately mediocre mobile time wasters out there and I wouldn’t blame you for initially dismissing That’s a Cow as yet another one of those. But man, maybe I’m just crazy, but this one has that special sauce going for it and I can’t put it down.

I urge everyone to check out all of the great games released this week, but highlighting That’s a Cow felt like the right move because it could so easily be overlooked. The feel of playing this game is just spot-on and I’d file it into my “perfect one-handed mobile games” category too, which is always great. It’s surprising how much technique is needed to perform well in each level, and there are plenty of unlockable cows and a leveling system to keep you motivated to keep playing. It’s free with ads and there’s a one-time ad removal IAP that will also land you an exclusive cow, so hopefully everyone gives That’s a Cow a shot for themselves to see what a gem this really is.

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