Wreckreation Is A New Open-World Racing Game Coming To PS5 ANd PS4

Ever wanted to build the biggest, most insane race track that doesn’t have orange tracks? Well Wreckreation will let you achieve that dream, as it boasts an immense playing space for you to have the race of your dreams.

Announced during the THQ Nordic August 2022 Showcase earlier today, Wreckreation is being developed by Three Fields Entertainment, and it’ll be coming to both PS5 and PS4.

A release date however was not revealed, so don’t hold your breath for a 2022 release, though of course that’s always possible.

You can check out the trailer that was released earlier today for yourself, here.

Wreckreation lets you run around in a massive playing space, and it even lets you customize your tracks on the fly, to make those last minute changes for a perfect run.

If you want to prepare yourself for the gigantic creations you intend to create in Wreckreation, then you should check out Hot Wheels Unleashed, as it’s track builder is one of the most in-depth and immersive modes across the genre.

Source – [THQ Nordic]

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