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Hot on the heels of its world premiere reveal, we’re here to take you even deeper into the brutal world of Meet Your Maker. 

Let’s start with a quick recap of the game itself, coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in 2023. 

Meet Your Maker is a new first-person building-and-raiding game set in a dark post-apocalyptic future. Gameplay revolves around the creation and infiltration of stand-alone levels called Outposts, as players seek to protect or steal the world’s most precious remaining resource from each other. 

Building is focused on strategic, block-based design, where players will draw from a highly customizable toolbox of traps and guards to mastermind deadly maze-like Outposts. Raiders, on the other hand, will suit up for methodical, lightning-fast combat as they enter and attempt to overcome other players’ creations. 

The experience is one truly driven by user-generated content, and every single Outpost in the game is designed by players, for players. 

While the unique gameplay of Meet Your Maker takes center stage at first glance, similar to Behaviour’s long-running multiplayer horror hit Dead by Daylight, there’s also a rich mythology waiting to be discovered. 

Welcome to the Chimera Project

Communicate with the Chimera via a unique psychic bond.

“Humanity has been facing extinction ever since a genetic disease swept the globe hundreds of years ago,” explains Joe Dermo, Meet Your Maker’s lead narrative designer. “Desperate nations waged war over resources, riots broke out, and societies collapsed. However, humanity didn’t roll over and die.

“There was an era where several gifted world leaders proposed Sanctuaries—highly advanced research labs across the world that could work independently and cooperatively on world-saving initiatives. One such initiative was the Chimera Project, which would create hybrid-humans by distilling uncorrupted genetic material through those who have shown resistance to the disease. 

“After hundreds of years, the project continues towards its goal, though the evolution of the Chimera has gone down an unexpected path…”.

Protect what’s yours, take all you can

A harvester loads genetic material into the shipping station for transport back to the Sanctuary.

Players will assume the role of the Custodian, a clone tasked with seeking out the remaining uncorrupted genetic material and either defending or stealing it. You are the last hope for completing the Chimera Project – but gathering this coveted resource won’t be easy.

“Uncorrupted genetic material is exceedingly rare due to this disease that’s swept the world, yet it’s the one thing needed to complete the Chimera Project and hopefully bring about a cure, “continues Joe. “As it dwindles in supply, Sanctuaries led by Chimera have begun to fight over it.”

The fight in question takes place within Outposts built by players to extract genetic material. The heart of each Outpost is its extractor cube, filling canisters with the precious resource. 

Builders will need to tap into their most devious impulses, creating a gauntlet of traps and monstrous guards designed to lure, outwit, and tear trespassing players limb from limb. Raiders will need sharp reflexes, anticipation, and perseverance to not only fight their way to the extractor cube and steal its canister, but also escape with it in hand. 

“The scarcity of genetic material really drives the two sides of the game in Meet Your Maker,” shares Ash Pannell, the game’s Creative Director. “Making the building blocks of life the driving narrative concept helps to raise the stakes. It allows us to create gameplay themes that are morally grey, asking the question, ‘What is humanity? The physical stuff we’re made out of – or something more?’”

In good company

Speak with any of the Sanctuary’s five Advisors, your only allies in an unforgiving world.

Between building and raiding sessions, players will return to the Sanctuary, their hub and base of operations. In addition to the Chimera, the Sanctuary also houses five Advisors; clones who run the facility. 

Progression is achieved by supplying both them and the Chimera with genetic material which unlocks new traps, guards, suits, weapons, perks, and even lore for those eager to peel back the layers of this dying world. 

“Speaking to your Advisors is a great way to learn about the world’s lore,” explains Joe. “Occasionally, they’ll mention something that touches on the greater history and hints at upcoming stories for them. And for those looking to deep dive into the mythology of Meet Your Maker, our ever-growing Codex has a history of every item and character in the game.”

Through new content and an ever-expanding toolbox, this is a game that will only get bigger over time, and fans can rest assured its mythology will continue to expand alongside it. 

“Though a lot is still in the planning phase, we’ll be looking at ways that players can actively seek out lore and uncover new – and sometimes shocking – information about the world and characters they interact with.”

Meet Your Maker releases in 2023 on PS4 and PS5.

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