Episode 377 – Benjo & Kazooie – Talk Nintendo

The gangs all here and we put some more thoughts on Fire Emblem Engage and Metroid Prime, but also take a nice little bite into Akka Arrh! We got News Talk plus an old segment returns!!

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Perry is sick this week, but he still made it! That means Perry is also sick in the cool way (not just the sick way, which he also is).

We jump right in with Fire Emblem Engage talk. Perry has now played over 60 hours while barely watching any cutscenes, and Casey wrapped it up. We then talk about Metroid Prime. Alex beat Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and likes it more than the first game, while Casey just started playing Remastered. Alex closes us out with Akka Arrh, a new(?) Atari game made by Jeff Minter.

We then jump into the news and talk about the Pokemon Presents happening next week as well as Microsoft’s strange but cool new deal with Nintendah. Perry also had some YouTube segment but I don’t know the title of it and I’m not going to look it up. Another good show!

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