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Back in 2018 longtime developer Spiderweb Software ran a crowdfunding campaign to create a brand new game in the classic old-school style of RPG that they are known for. It was called Queen’s Wish: The Conqueror and the crowdfunding campaign was a runaway success, earning more than triple its original goal. The following year Queen’s Wish launched on desktop in September, and a few months later in December it arrived on iOS. It was also noteworthy for supporting both iPhone and iPad as previous Spiderweb mobile ports had been strictly iPad-only up to that point.

Well, it turned out that everyone had so much fun the first time around they decided to do it all over again with a sequel called Queen’s Wish 2: The Tormentor. Over the summer last year Spiderweb ran another crowdfunding campaign for Queen’s Wish 2 and much like the first one it was a runaway success. Now just shy of a year later and backers of the campaign and everybody else are about to be able to enjoy the fruits of Spiderweb’s work as Queen’s Wish 2 has a release date of August 24th for PC and Mac. Here is the most recent trailer.

As with the first game, the desktop version of Queen’s Wish 2 will launch first, and the iOS version will come sometime after. Based on how things worked out with the first game, it was about 3 months after the desktop launch that the iOS version arrived, so I feel pretty confident that we’ll be seeing this new game on mobile before the end of the year. And also like the first game this one surpassed the iPhone version stretch goal during the crowdfunding campaign so it should be arriving ready for both iPhone and iPad devices.

As for Android, well, there was a huge $150k stretch goal that included making an Android version, but the campaign didn’t hit that high. Spiderweb’s Jeff Vogel goes into some of the reasons they can’t really support the Android platform in this blog post from 2016, and I think for a studio that is essentially just one guy doing all the game development stuff it’s not feasible to put these games out on Android at this point. That said, I’m an iOS guy myself anyway, so I’m very much looking forward to Queen’s Wish 2: The Tormentor when it arrives on iOS this year. In the meantime you can Wishlist the desktop version on Steam ahead of its launch on August 24th.

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