Episode 824: I Dare You to Play Eye of Judgment – Radio Free Nintendo

This week we have an exclusive interview with RFN’s host.

This week, we’re extremely excited to sit down with the host of Radio Free Nintendo, James Jones, to tell us about Episode 824.

James Jones – Nintendo World Report: James, thanks for joining us today.

James Jones – Radio Free Nintendo: It’s my pleasure; thanks for having me.

NWR: Everyone wants to know, what did you all talk about this week? I assume a lot of Tears of the Kingdom.

JJ: (laughs) I’m sure they do. This week we do talk quite extensively about Tears, but that’s not how we started.

NWR: Oh? That’s a surprise.

JJ: We thought about it, and realized that people who are trying to stay as pure as possible might appreciate us including some non-Tears content. We decided to front-load it, starting with a riff on Sony’s Project Q and Konami’s naming decisions. We then asked Gui and Jon do their New Business. Editor’s Note: co-hosts Guillaume Veillette and Jon Lindemann.

NWR: Project Q is so weird.

JJ: And Metal Gear Solid 3 is now Delta? Stupid.

NWR: So what did Guillaume talk about?

JJ: You will not believe it, but he’s been playing Guilty Gear -Strive- on Xbox and Guilty Gear on Switch.

NWR: No!

JJ: I told you!

NWR: And Jon?

JJ: Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, specifically the first game.

NWR: That’s a bit more believable.

JJ: What’s less so is he listened to Jonny’s appearance a few weeks ago to make sure he offered new insights.

NWR:JJ: I’m stunned!

JJ: It’s true though. After that we pulled a couple of emails from the inbox that are somewhat Tears-adjacent. Greg and I used those emails to talk about Tears, rather than doing a traditional New Business. Editor’s Note: Co-host Greg Leahy.

NWR: Adjacent? What questions were asked?

JJ: The first asked if Monolith Soft was the best JRPG developer in the game, and if they’d be better served with a more grounded style of storytelling.

NWR: More grounded than a sentient, petty, world full of King Kongs?

JJ: Seems grounded to me. The second email asked where the Zelda series can go from here. Are we beyond “bigger is better?”

NWR: It’s what you do with it.

JJ: It’s like Jon is in the room with us.

NWR: Speaking of, what’s up with that title [“I Dare You to Play Eye of Judgment”]? It had to be Jon, right?

JJ: Very perceptive of you. We’re drafting Jon to become THE Eye of Judgment streamer on Twitch.

NWR: That sounds like the worst idea I’ve ever heard. I hope it happens.

JJ: Me too.

NWR: Well then, I can’t wait to listen. Thank you for joining us!

JJ: My pleasure. And remember, send your emails.

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