Code Geass: Lost Stories tier list October 2023

If you’re looking to find the best pilots to fight for Japan’s freedom, our Code Geass: Lost Stories tier list is the place to be. We’ve ranked every available pilot in a handy table just for you to optimize your tower defense strategies. Of course, every tier list is subjective, so if you really want to play a C-tier character like Nonette Enneagram, be our guest. We can’t stop you!

We’re super excited that this classic Clamp series is getting its own game, so we’re keeping track of the Code Geass: Lost Stories release date. If you’re having trouble picking strong characters in the best gacha games, check out our Limbus Company tier list, Black Clover M tier list, and our Counterside tier list for more insider info.

Let’s dive right into our Code Geass: Lost Stories tier list. The current rankings are based on the Japanese version of the game while we wait for the official global release.

Tier Code Geass: Lost Stories pilots
S Anya Alstreim (Knight of Six), C.C. (Mystical Summer Outfit), Cornelia li Britannia (Witch of Britannia), Cornelia li Britannia (With Splendour With Strength), Jeremiah Gottwald (Deeply Devoted Purist), Kallen Kouzuki (Japanese, Kouzuki Kallen), Lelouch Lamperouge (The Rebel ‘Zero’)
A Bismarck Waldstein (Knight of One), C.C. (Accomplice), Cécile Croomy (Alluring Summer Outfit), Diethard Ried (HiTV- Producer), Euphemia li Britannia (Imperial Princess of Benevolence), Gilbert G.P. Guilford (Empire’s Spearhead), Gino Weinberg (Knight of Three), Jeremiah Gottwald (Desperate Assault), Kallen Kouzuki (Guren Dances), Kallen Kouzuki (True To Life Holiday), Lelouch Lamperouge (Welcome to the Student Council), Lloyd Asplund (Troublesome Prodigal Noble), Shirley Fenette (Innocent Reception), Suzaku Kururugi (Confrontation Against The Coming Master), Villetta Nu (Chigusa)
B C.C. (Code Holder), Cécile Croomy (Advanced Special Envoy Engineering Corps), Kallen Kouzuki (Popping Summer Outfit), Kewell Soresi (Purist), Kousetsu Urabe (Japan Liberation Front), Kyoushirou Toudou (Toudou of Miracles), Lelouch Lamperouge (Gentle Distance), Lelouch Lamperouge (Smart Reception), Luciano Bradley (Knight of Ten), Milly Ashford (A New Whim?), Milly Ashford (Vacation at Lake Kawaguchi), Monica Krushevsky (Knight of Twelve), Nagisa Chiba (Japan Liberation Front), Ryouga Senba (Japan Liberation Front), Shirley Fenette (A Merry Lunchtime), Suzaku Kururugi (White Knight), Taizou Kirihara (Two-Faced Veteran)
C Andreas Darlton (Talk Between Parent and Child), C.C. (Lazy Witch), Dorothea Ernst (Knight of Four), Euphemia li Britannia (With Cheer With Vigour), Gilbert G.P. Guilford (My Justice Lies With the Princess), Kallen Kouzuki (The Crimson Running Into the Night), Milly Ashford (High Spirited Reception), Milly Ashford (Melancholy For Now), Nonette Enneagram (Knight of Nine), Nunnally vi Britannia (Ashford Academy Student Council), Rakshata Chawla (Black Knights- Head of Research and Development), Schneizel el Britannia (Prime Minister of Smiles), Villetta Nu (Knight With Burning Ambition)
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How do I perform a Code Geass: Lost Stories reroll?

We’re still waiting for Code Geass: Lost Stories to launch globally, so we’ll update this section when we know more about how to reroll!

That’s everything we’ve got on the Code Geass: Lost Stories tier list. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly to see how the rankings have shifted. If you need some more help in your anime games, check out our Honkai Star Rail tier list or our Genshin Impact tier list.

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