EA Sports FC 24 review

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What is it? Née FIFA, the football sim/slot machine hybrid that keeps the electricity on at EA.

Release date September 28

Expect to pay £60/$70

Developer EA Vancouver

Publisher EA Sports

Reviewed on i7 9700K, RTX 2080 TI, 16GB RAM

Multiplayer? Yes

Steam Deck Unsupported

Link Official site

There are quite a lot of things we never could have predicted might happen in the near future back in 2019. Between covid, the crypto booms and busts, and the quiet ChatGPT revolution, FIFA and PES both abruptly changing their names seemed like only one more odd left turn for reality. But while eFootball seems doggedly determined to trash PES’ legacy, FC 24 handles the transition expertly. It’s not the revolution we dreamed about in our wildest fantasies, but neither is it just another season update. There’s forward momentum here. 

I’ve been thinking about forward momentum a lot because that’s where I really notice the change in feel. There’s about a bazillion new animations in this game, says EA, powered by Hypermotion technology which uses AI to turn real floating point player data into sick in-game tekkers. They say that every year, obviously, but I can actually feel the difference this time.

(Image credit: EA)

Try to dribble round in a tight circle with lithe Spanish wonderkid Gavi, then do the same thing with Erling Haaland. There’s always been a difference, in this series, in how monstrous giants turn versus shorter, more agile players. It just feels more natural now, like the bits between the animations have been smoothed out. Like an animation version of DLSS is filling in the extra frames. 

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