How To Beat Online Chess Bot?

Playing with online chess bots is fun. To some people playing online chess may not sound ‘real’, but the truth is, it is very real and sometimes more competitive than playing chess with ‘real’ people.

Years back, we had to rely on PCs only to play only chess games. However, now you can download premium quality chess apps like Chess Club Pilot on your mobile and start hashing your dream to become a pro chess player.

If you are a parent, you should encourage your children to play chess from as early age as possible, which will help them to develop problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking.

In a nutshell, playing online chess could be the best way to shape the future of a child. However, due to COVID-19 most of the children have started either home-schooling or relying on online classes, which is also restricting them from joining a chess club. Starting with an online mobile chess game could be the best solution you can ask for.

How To Download Online Chess On Mobile?

To download online chess in your mobile, follow the quick-steps below:

Android Users

Step 1: Open your Android phone and go to the Play Store.

Step 2: Search Google Store: Chess Android.

Step 3: A list of chess games will appear. Download Chess and start playing online.

iPhone Users

Step 1: Open your iPhone and go to the App Store.

Step 2: Search Apple Store: Chess iOS.

Step 3: A list of chess games will appear. Download Chess and start playing online.

The best part of downloading chess for Android and iPhone is that you can play the game both online and offline, around the clock!

Strategies For Beating Computers

It may sound impossible to beat an online chess game, but you can make it possible by following some simple rules. So, if you are looking forward to beating online chess bot, follow the strategies shared below:

Breaking Rules Of Thumb

The online bot’s evaluation function relies on a ‘rules of thumb’ strategy. If you can create a situation, where these rules are invalid, you can surely beat the chess bot!

Opening Choices

When you are against an online chess bot, try to avoid open positions. Follow the strategies like centralization, and tactical awareness. If you are holding to the ‘quiet’ positions from the beginning, you can trick the bot.

Bookish Opponent

Remember that modern chess bots have digested all the bookish knowledge available on Chess strategies. Hence, your attacking path should deviate from the book it has access to. In short, your strategy has to be unique to beat the bot.

Win The Endgame

Focus on the non-standard Endgames. By focusing on the non-standard Endgames, you can mislead the chess bot. This tactic is a game changer.

Play Great Chess

Your talent for playing chess is your ultimate weapon to beat an online chess bot. What you need to do is invest more hours practicing as many matches as possible in your leisure time and become sharp enough to beat a chess bot.

How To Checkmate A Chess Bot?

As we were talking about, beating a chess bot is a daydream to the newbies. It takes time to sharpen skills and gain perseverance to checkmate. However, just playing chess mindlessly for hours is not enough to beat a chess bot, if you are not learning the tactics.

So far, chess masters and players around the world are often sharing their tips to checkmate a chess bot. We have picked the great ideas and jotted them down for you! So, find the tips below and make sure to follow these tricks in the game:

  1. Always keep the position closed and never go for open positions. You will lose fast if you do so.
  2. Make sure that your central pawn is locked. Never leave your central pawn unguarded.
  3. Again, exchanging central pawns could be devastating. Try not to move it.
  4. Begin with 1.d4.
  5. Your position knowledge should be good enough to work on a good square.
  6. Once the center is closed, you should launch a Kingside pawn storm aiming at the opposing King.
  7. Your pawn can help you to win the, always back your pawns with heavy pieces.

As soon as you can destroy the wall, swarm in and checkmate the online chess bot.

Now, some people will argue with the method, however, contradictions of opinions are there and you have to respect those opinions. You should study more, play more tournaments, and season yourself to endure the pressure of becoming meticulously correct. Only then, you can reach your target to beat a chess bot.


Downloading a game of online or offline chess on Android as well as iPhone is super easy. However, is it easy to beat the chess bot? To us, the answer is both No and Yes! Why? Because winning against a chess bot is ‘impossible’ for a newbie in chess; however, the master players are killing the online chess bots every now and then. It’s all about your patience and hard work that can help you to master the strategy of winning against a chess bot. Need more help? Share your thoughts.

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