Sea Of Thieves Is ‘Not Just PvE Or PvP’, According To Creative Director

Earlier this week, Rare outlined its plans for Sea Of Thieves Season Ten – revealing the game would finally be adding private PvE servers.

Although this decision is going to potentially increase the game’s audience, it’s definitely resulted in a mixed reaction from the community with some players completely on board with “Safer Seas”, and others concerned about the future popularity of the PvP mode “High Seas”.

Rare has seemingly been keeping a close eye on the community’s reaction, and now the game’s creative director Mike Chapman has shared a post on social media – revealing how in the “original vision”, Sea of Thieves was “half-seriously” referred to as a “shared world adventure game”, blending the two styles of play together. He also noted how this “will always be the heart of the game”:

Mike Chapman: “#SeaOfThieves was described as a ‘Shared World Adventure Game’ in our original vision, so we half-seriously referred to it as a ‘SWAG’ – a new type of multiplayer experience. Not just ‘PVE’ or ‘PVP’, but both seamlessly merged. That will always be the heart of the game.”

So there you go – based on this, it’s not solely one game style or the other, but it is a bit of both and in Rare’s own words, it’s a “SWAG” multiplayer experience.

If you didn’t catch the original announcement, Sea of Thieves’ new “Safter Seas” mode will include reduced rewards, level caps, and some content won’t be accessible. You’ll need to play in the High Seas mode to have access to everything in the game. You can learn more in our previous post here on Pure Xbox:

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