EVE Online’s next expansion finally lets players buddy-up with the pirates

EVE FanFest is celebrating 20 years of CCP’s unique space MMO, and has given us our first look at new FPS module EVE Vanguard and the reveal of EVE’s next expansion: Havoc, coming November 14. The clue’s in the name. Following the successful overhaul of faction warfare in recent expansions, CCP has decided to mess with things in the only way EVE really knows how. More factions, more fighting, and more destruction.

Havoc was teased with four hidden stargates that CCP recently placed in the game, alongside some obscure clues for how to find them. The developer expected this to take weeks, maybe months. The players did it in days. Just before the FanFest keynote at which Havoc was announced, the audience was treated to EVE Online on the big screen, with CCP Fozzie, aka senior game designer Josh Bayer (Fozzie Bayer, geddit?), hanging out around one of the stargates with around 200 other players in the system.

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