Diablo 4’s battle pass is such a mess that it doesn’t even give you enough Platinum to buy a single item

If you were looking at the Platinum payouts on Diablo 4’s battle pass and getting excited about buying a cosmetic from the shop with your haul, you’re in for some disappointment. Instead of offering a practical amount of premium currency, Blizzard has gone for a joke amount: 666 Platinum. Oh you cheeky devils. The real joke, though, is that 666 Platinum is useless—not even enough to buy the cheapest item in the shop. 

Naturally, players ain’t impressed. Folks on the subreddit have a lot of choice words for Blizzard (cheers, GamesRadar) and who can blame them for feeling stiffed? “All Blizzard sells now is nostalgia,” writes one player. And there are more than a few comparisons made between Diablo 4 and Diablo Immortal. 

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