New Isonzo PS5 Update Patch Notes Confirmed, PS5 Owners Can Now Choose Between ‘Several Quality & Performance Modes’

Blackmill Games has emerged from the trenches with the latest Isonzo PS5 update patch notes for your viewing pleasure, and this one is a pretty much update, bringing with it a performance boost for console versions of the game, allowing you to select from multiple Quality & Performance modes. Read more details below.

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  • Added AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution (FSR) 2.2. This is a rendering technique that gives a performance boost on some settings, and replaces our anti-aliasing solution on more performant platforms. On Xbox Series S/X and PS5, you can choose between several Quality and Performance modes.
  • Networking solution update – we are hopeful that this will improve a lot of network related issues players have been experiencing!
  • Sabotino rework and balancing of points of interest in the first and last sector

Fixes And Improvements

  • Falling through ground/map improvements
  • Fixed arming/defusing animation appearing very slowed down
  • Fixed screen sometimes being tinted blue or green
  • Gas masks now have a grace period when equipping them to prevent dying when players have already equipped it
  • Fixed Bugle aura effect being wider than its preview
  • Fixed Bugle cooldown sometimes not activating
  • Fixed periscopes sometimes not being usable
  • Fixed periscopes not disappearing if player changes faction
  • Fixed non showing interaction tag text on nearest object
  • Periscope can no longer be sabotaged while someone is using it
  • Fixed periscope use animation in third person
  • Grappa lighting improvements
  • Grappa map improvements, fixes and optimization
  • Caporetto map improvements and fixes
  • Piave map improvements and fixes
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases an Officer was not correctly assigned to an Officer slot in the map overview
  • Improvements to Officer player syncing
  • Fixed flares sometimes not registering
  • Fixed Officer sometimes unable to use call-ins
  • Fixed bad performance in the ‘After Action Report Highlights’ screen
  • Fixed uniform & flavor text when looking at squad view while someone joins the squad
  • Improved appearance syncing in the squad menu
  • Fixed bots not balancing out when players swap faction
  • Fixed an issue where player weren’t able to reload from a grenade crate if they only had rifle grenades
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to always start with 3 grenades instead of the defined starting amount
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD in the weapon stats screen would show incorrect ammo values
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to bypass the resupply cooldown
  • Fixed sabotaging pontoons using the building animation
  • Fixed stance switching would interrupt bash animations
  • Fixed suppression effects not working
  • Fixed an issue where mortars sometimes appeared to have infinite ammo
  • Fixed the Tettoni losing bullets on reload
  • Fixed an issue where the static weapon name would be added twice to the tag text
  • Fixed Grappa match not granting bonus tickets if previous rounds were won by attackers
  • Fixed an issue where the river sound would remain persistent when dying inside of water
  • Improved defender bot behavior while an objective is being attacked
  • Better bot distribution when objectives are contested
  • Fixed bots sometimes not retreating when they should have
  • Fixed bots not knowing how to aim with mortars
  • After Action Report now sometimes shows secondary weapon instead of primary
  • Fixed incorrect audio being played on challenge completion
  • Fixed loadouts not correctly updating in the barracks when using the back button
  • Fixed sabotaging sound not playing throughout the sabotage process
  • Fixed being able to equip the gas mask while underwate
  • Fixed barbed wire icons not showing correct states
  • Fixed bullet ejection direction for the Dreyse
  • Fixed bullet visible in the Dreyse mag when unloading an empty magazine
  • Dreyse texture fixes
  • Fixed Mannlicher being offset in first person
  • Improved Leichter mortar use animations
  • Mannlicher & G98 – Fixed clip issues during reload
  • Improved bolting animation for the Kar98
  • Fixed rotation of Stielhandgranate M17
  • Textures fixes and animation tweaks for various weapons

[Source – Isonzo Patch Notes Via Reddit]

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