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Now that C-Smash VRS has launched into orbit on PlayStation VR2, players across the globe are starting to discover its many cosmic delights.

C-Smash VRS – six ways to unlock the stars

We have decided to stay true to the game’s minimalist roots – it is based on Sega’s console and arcade classic – and encourage players to discover new techniques and powerups and to improve their skills with each new playthrough.

Here are six features, techniques and options you might not have yet discovered – and a teaser for what’s to come…

You are a magnet

While the game will push your body and mind to the limits, a subtle feature will help when you – or the ball – may be feeling cornered. Moving sideways will attract the ball in that direction, even from a distance, allowing you to move the ball out from behind a block for instance.

You’ve got the power

Look at your racket. With each consecutive successful ball hit, your racket will gradually fill up. Once full, use the trigger on the racket hand (R2 by default) to activate the Power Smash. Keep holding it down while you’re hitting the ball to perform it.


Left, right, don’t matter

Whether you’re left- or right-handed or just like to change things up a bit, you can easily switch racket hands in the menu. Note that you can also decide which hand to have the lateral movement stick assigned to.


Space commander

Lateral movement is your friend. Feel the fluidity of moving left and right, even without the ball in play. Soon you will feel like you’re dancing and will be able to catch balls which previously might have seemed impossible to reach.

Rogue one

The single-player Journey map adds unique rogue-like progression to our futuristic sports game. Choose your own path through the cosmos and hop from orbit to orbit, your paths randomly generated with each new playthrough. Discover new power-ups along the way, such as the Launcher.

Sit down, stand up

We want C-Smash VRS to be enjoyed by everyone. Do you prefer to play seated? Do you have a smaller play space? Fear not, your height will be adjusted to match other players. And you’ll be able to reach low balls by using the squat button.

Unfolding the cosmos

There is so much more to discover in C-Smash VRS and, like the cosmos itself, the game will keep growing in the coming weeks.

Coming soon, entirely for free:

  • Co-Op: so you can enjoy C-Smash VRS with someone else without the pressure to compete.
  • Infinity Mode: this mode will let you play forever* in a dynamically generated arena that will keep changing along with the music. Imagine working out to the world’s greatest DJ set. 
  • Music Player: the music is so good, we’ll give you the opportunity to just chill and listen to the mixes.

And we won’t stop there.

See you in space, fellow Cosmonaut. And always remember to have a blast.

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