Is there a game you love despite absolutely sucking at it?

As a card-carrying PC gamer, I love immersive sims⁠—System Shock, Deus Ex, Gloomwood, Dishonored⁠—it’s a genre I adore. At the same time, I’m just so bad at them. On paper, Thief’s expert mode with its expanded level objectives is the way to play the game, but I just can’t do it—it’s normal or bust for me. In Nightdive’s System Shock, the combat encounters I’ve awkwardly stumbled through have far outnumbered my canny tactical coups.

And that’s okay! I may never be good” at immersive sims, but I’ll always return to the genre no matter what, and the open-ended nature of those games makes my rare triumphs in them all the sweeter. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion every gamer has one such game or genre they love despite being very bad at it, and for this E3 season-delayed Weekend question, I polled the PC Gamer staff and forums for their own struggle-favs.

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