Sam Lake answers the biggest Alan Wake 2 question: What happened to his layers?

Tragedy has befallen Alan Wake. When Alan Wake 2 begins, the horror writer has been missing for 13 years, lost in “the Dark Place,” an alternate dimension of no-good, very bad vibes. Alan Wake was a talented horror novelist, and I think the first game ended with him writing himself out of our reality to keep the Dark Place at bay? Honestly, it’s also been 13 years since I’ve played Alan Wake and I remember precisely three things about that game: Stephen King references, shining my flashlight at shadowy figures, and Alan Wake’s clothes.

The man could layer. Tweed jacket; parka; hoodie under the parka; presumably a shirt below it all. Maybe an undershirt for good measure? The combination expressed a certain combination of erudition, ruggedness, and casual approachability all in one contradictory package. Yet after 13 years in the Dark Place, Alan Wake has somehow reappeared with a wholly different look: a classy—yet almost offensively restrained—suit and tie. If you’re thinking #NotMyAlanWake, you wouldn’t be out of line.

(Image credit: Remedy Entertainment)

Not even a vest to add one extra layer? Not a suit jacket with an inexplicable hood? How has Wake awoken with such a drastically changed perspective on personal style? 

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