The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum Patch Expected To Arrive Tomorrow

The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum is the latest release to be marred with technical issues, some of them even game breaking.

Daedalic Entertainment has already released a statement apologizing for the game’s “underwhelming experience,” and has stated that it is “committed to providing you [players] with patches that will allow you to enjoy the game at its fullest potential.”

A process which already began with a day one patch, and continuing with a new patch set to come tomorrow, according to a report from Eurogamer.

Hopefully these patches do in fact address the issues players are facing, and we’re not looking back more than a month out from release with game-breaking issues still waiting to be fixed.

Besides the bugs however, Gollum may have a few more issues. The critical consensus from reviewers has the game as currently the worst reviewed title of 2023, with problems that can’t be fixed by patching up the current technical issues and leaving the rest of the game as is.

Daedalic however does state that it will be adding “improvements” to the game, so it’ll be interesting to see how far it is will to go with that.

Source – [Eurogamer]

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