Did You Know Insomniac Made An Xbox Game Before Sunset Overdrive?

Talking Point: Did You Know Insomniac Made An Xbox Game Before Sunset Overdrive?
Image: Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac Games

When you think of Xbox plus Insomniac Games, you likely think of Sunset Overdrive, right? This early Xbox One era exclusive remains one of the high points of that generation, and it’s still talked about by Xbox fans today – over eight years since launch.

However, did you know that the team actually developed an Xbox 360 title before it moved onto Sunset Overdrive? This one wasn’t an exclusive (the game in question also launched on PS3), but the late-360 era title marked the Californian studio’s first foray into Xbox development.

Still none the wiser? Well, we wouldn’t blame you to be honest, as it’s probably one of the least-revered games from the whole Insomniac library. Any final guesses as to what it is? Okay, okay… we’re talking about the team’s co-op third person shooter known as “Fuse”.

Fuse Xbox 360
Image: Fuse, Insomniac Games

Yep, this thing does exist, and it’s 10 years old today! Fuse was launched by publisher EA on May 28th, 2013 in the US, and has largely been forgotten about since. Still, it’s worth wishing a happy birthday to anyway, because… why not?!

If we did play any of this game back in the day we certainly can’t remember it, but looking at the synopsis now, it sounds like a by-the-numbers co-op third person shooter that lacked the charm radiating from most Insomniac releases. It doesn’t sound like a bad game by any means (some people love it according to Google Reviews), but this developer sets such a high standard and that’s probably contributed to Fuse’s confinement to the forgotten history books.

Anyway, here’s an imaginary prize for guessing Fuse at the top of the article – if you did manage to remember it! Let’s be honest though, it has provided us a lovely excuse to mention Sunset Overdrive’s name once again.

Speaking of which, it’s surely time for a replay of the now-cult classic Xbox One exclusive, isn’t it? We’re absolutely thinking about doing just that, especially considering this writer has never fully replayed Sunset Overdrive since launch!

So, happy 10th birthday to Fuse – Insomniac’s obscure Xbox 360 game that marked the team’s first attempt at an Xbox release back in 2013. While we’re not exactly chomping at the bit to play it a decade later, it’s safe to say we absolutely loved what came next.

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