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Video game commerce company Xsolla has announced the launch of Xsolla Drops, a new tool for its Xsolla Partner Network solution.

Xsolla Partner Network helps game developers and publishers create and scale performance-based influencer and affiliate programs. Xsolla Dropps introduces an added layer of marketing support for developers, with the aim of helping them increase user acquisition and incremental sales by streamlining the ability to promote digital items such as game keys, premium subscriptions, cosmetics, and NFTs.

“Drops gives game developers and publishers the ability to build and reward their gaming audience easily,” explained Xsolla business head Alexander Menshikov. “We are helping game developers reward their fans, explore new user acquisition methods, and strengthen long-term engagement with a game’s current player base by offering exclusive in-game items and unique experiences. With Drops, developers will create game-specific campaigns with targeted audiences, delivering a personalised experience on a custom landing page with no code required.”

Problems and solutions

User acquisition costs have been rising throughout the mobile gaming industry, and developer budgets are taking a hit as they explore different marketing channels. Xsolla hopes that Drops will offer a novel solution to this issue by bringing the thrill of game discovery back to players, creating inherent value for creators and raising brand awareness. The new tool offers a variety of methods to both attract new players and retain existing ones, ranging from branded websites to close collaborations with influencers, artists, and celebrities.

“We were thrilled with the results of our Drops campaign with Xsolla,” said SprintGP owner Scott Robinson. “The onboarding process was easy and only took a few hours from start to finish. All we needed to do was to fill out the form, upload game design assets, and provide redemption instructions for players to get a reward. Xsolla handled the rest, including web page development and marketing setup. We doubled our user base in less than 24 hours and saw a 300% increase in website traffic. We highly recommend Xsolla’s Drops tool to any game developer looking for new ways to drive user acquisition and engagement.”

In February, Xsolla announced a partnership with Mastercard for mobile payment support.

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