For a small fortune you can buy a piece of PC graphics history

Take a look at this graphics card artefact. No, not a visual artefact, this is a prime piece of graphics card history, a Voodoo 5 6000, and it’s on sale on eBay. This is the last graphics card out of 3dfx Interactive, a company once famed for ruling the graphics industry. Sadly the company crumbled before this GPU ever made it to market, and very few of these cards were ever produced as prototypes.

This exact listing is for a Voodoo 6 6000 revision 3700A, which makes it one of the last to be manufactured before the whole prototyping project was shuttered entirely. That also means it’s one of the few Voodoo models with most of the bugs squashed. It was built on a 250nm  process, a far cry from the 7nm process nodes largely used for today’s best graphics cards (opens in new tab).

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