Left 4 Dead creator says they got it right in the end because ‘Gabe dragged it out of me’

Left 4 Dead co-creator Chet Faliszek, who also worked on the Half-Life series and Portal, recently posted a video to TikTok discussing aspects of the development of the premiere co-op zombie shooter. Seriously: How are we in 2023 and no-one has managed to top these games yet?

Faliszek on this occasion was reminiscing about something that may seem pretty incidental: the box art. Left 4 Dead has a striking cover image that is also a kind of gory joke, where a hand is superimposed on a bright green background but with the thumb having been ripped off. Took them a while to get there though, and the starting point was the artwork for Steven Spielberg’s Band of Brothers, which has a vastly different mood.

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