Move over, modern technology: Here’s Doom running on the teletext TV information service

The quest to get Doom running on absolutely everything will never end, and this week’s entry is a cracker. Teletext will not be a familiar word to many outside of the UK, but it refers to an information system that ran on televisions in the UK from 1974 until 2012, and was also adopted by various other countries: You pressed the teletext button on the remote, up would come a ‘homepage’ of sorts, and you entered numbers to go to specific pages on, for example, news and sports. There was even a long-running and much-beloved games section called Digitiser.

A new mod converts Doom into a teletext signal, allowing you to play the id classic in spectacularly flickering and blocky glory (thanks, RPS). It can be controlled using the TV remote, which is what really seals the deal, while Doom guy’s face is replaced by a smiley face.

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