Powerwash Simulator is the best Far Cry game I’ve ever played

Riddle me this: name that game with a little bit of character customisation, where completing a repetitive series of mundane tasks lets you unlock a dizzying array of weapon modifications, and where you can use dazzling and daring acts of parkour to reach your target and accomplish your mission. That’s right, it’s Powerwash Simulator: my favourite Far Cry game of the last 10 years.

Oh, okay, there are some slight differences. Powerwash Simulator doesn’t have any of the Far Cry series’ grandiosity. You’re just a guy with a rubber suit, a hose that shoots water really hard, and the determination to use both. You aren’t the absconded child of a tyrant, set out to cleanse their soul and their van through a Bushido-like ‘Powerwashers’ Code’, and it seems very unlikely that anyone is going to turn up at my next swimming pool cleaning gig and shout at me about Nietzsche (but I haven’t unlocked all the levels yet).

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