Go Buy The Best Console Version Of Far Cry 3 While It’s Cheap On Xbox

Xbox Series X users should have no trouble finding a physical copy of the game for this sort of price (or even cheaper) and playing it that way, but this serves as a useful PSA for Xbox Series S users especially. The full digital price on this one is still $19.99 / £19.99 even in 2023, so it’s well worth adding to your digital library at a discount even if you only have a fleeting interest in trying the game out.

We must also remind you folks that there is a ‘remaster’ of this game available for Xbox One — also playable on Xbox Series X|S of course — and that version of the game goes on sale often, sometimes even cheaper than this Xbox 360 discount. However, just… don’t buy that version. It’s locked at 30 frames per-second even on current-gen consoles and the visuals are hardly any different to the original. You’ll get a resolution boost, sure, but it’s simply a PC port and there’s no real remastering going on in Far Cry 3 Classic Edition.

Anyway, poor-excuse-at-a-remaster-rant aside, we’ve now added the Xbox 360 version of Far Cry 3 to our digital libraries after playing the disc version since the game’s FPS Boost update arrived, and it’s been lovely to just dip into this classic whenever we feel like a good few hours roaming about, setting entire fields on fire and just causing chaos on The Rook Islands.

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