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I love going back to older games – look, I could spend my bank account on a “new release” or play something almost 20 years old and get three-four times the hours for a fraction of the price. Now that’s a smart investment. Play old games.

Dark Cloud surprised me a few months ago, and Dark Chronicle builds on just about everything the first established. Minus the smooth 60 fps Dark Cloud had on PS4. Whatever, we’re cool – there’s plenty to build, plenty to invent, but the core loop itself is much more challenging. We love a good challenge here at the KBash show.

If you’d like to support my ongoing mental destabilizing effort, check out my (b)atreon:

Here’s my newest video:

See ya’ll next time, when we hopefully do something smart again. Every game takes a toll and I hope this adequately illustrates what I went through.

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