PS5’s April 2023 Hardware Sales Jumped 144% In Europe Compared To April 2022

Ever since Jim Ryan boldly claimed that the console shortage had ended for PS5, each month fans have been holding their breath to see if that statement really is true.

Looking at the hardware sales numbers for the year so far, it’s getting to the point where it is safe to say Ryan was right, with April 2023’s sales numbers for Europe further emphasizing this.

Compared to April 2022, the PS5 saw a 144% increase in hardware sales for this year, which is exactly the kind of major increase expected, now that there are plenty of consoles available for everyone, whether online or at local retailers.

It was an odd feeling for the first year of this current console generation, that while anyone lucky enough to have a PS5 loved their console, many others felt the need to go the way of getting a PS5 off scalpers, who charged insane prices.

It’s good to see that all of that is now well in the past, and anyone who really wants to get a PS5, shouldn’t have any trouble doing so.

Source – [VGC]

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