Overwatch 2 director says canceled PvE mode was part of an ambitious plan to one day make an Overwatch MMO

Aaron Keller’s latest Director’s Take blog doesn’t have the jovial tone that they usually do. The Overwatch 2 game director used the space this week to expand on an announcement made Tuesday that Blizzard has cancelled Overwatch 2’s long-awaited PvE “Hero mode.” The news came in the last few minutes of a 30-minute livestream, along with the announcement that story missions were still happening as early as Season 6. 

The news did not go over well. Confusion swirled as fans and websites alike were under the impression that all PvE was scrapped. Players are angry that Blizzard spent years selling Overwatch 2 on the promise of PvE only to kneecap its development halfway through its first year. Story missions are coming, but the mode that was supposed to make PvE in Overwatch more than a fleeting distraction is never happening.

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